About YU


Vision and Talent


Trans-Innovation Platform, Leading to Global Prosperity

In the Era of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Yeungnam University will become a creative innovation platform that will spread new values toward Global Prosperity.
It will be a venue for open communication, where talent, knowledge, and values coexist, actively responding to the challenges of the era.


Trans-Innovation Platform, Leading to Global Prosperity

  • Trans-Disciplinary
    Education Platform
  • Trans-Convergence
    Industry-University Research Platform
  • Trans-Connectivity
    Social Contribution Platform
  • Trans-Nations
    Exchange and Cooperation Platform
  • Trans-Intelligence
    Management Innovation Platform

[Trans-Boundary] Creative Innovation Platform



Creative and innovative talents who break down boundaries and connect and integrate knowledge and experience

  • PublicityAltruistic Collaborative Competency

  • PersonalityHarmonious Personality Competency

  • CreativityConvergent Creativity Competency

  • InitiativeGlobal Initiative Competency

  • ExpertisePractical Expertise Competency

5 Innovation Goals

Trans-Disciplinary: Education Innovation

Nurturing Y-type Polymaths through educational innovation of trans-disciplinarianism

As a trans-disciplinary education platform, Yeungnam University will lead future trans-boundary education paradigm shift. It will nurture well-rounded Y-type polymaths that creatively integrate knowledges with experiences to create new values.

Trans-Convergence: Industry-University Research Innovation

Leading innovative growth and spreading creative values through trans-convergence Industry-University Cooperation & Research

As a trans-convergent industry-university cooperation and research platform, Yeungnam University will lead the innovative growth and spread the win-win values that will change the world. It will produce and commercialize creative knowledge, build a dynamic start-up culture, and revitalize industry-university cooperation.

Trans-Connectivity: Social Contribution Innovation

Promoting the common good for all people in the global community with global citizenship

As a social contribution platform in the global community, Yeungnam University will contribute to the sustainable connection of humanity and enhance the dignity of all people in the world.

Trans-Nations: Globalization Innovation

Nurturing global talents by establishing a global knowledge network and enhancing international cooperation

As a transnational exchange&cooperation platform, Yeungnam University will establish a global network where knowledge and talents freely communicate, nurture global talent, and expand campus to the globe.

Trans-Intelligence: Management Innovation

Fulfilling the sustainability of university through trans-intelligence innovation of management

As a trans-intelligent management innovation platform, Yeungnam University will lead smarter and more efficient work environment based on optimal resource utilization and data. It will promote administrative and financial reform, an innovative campus, and sustainable management.