Privacy Policy

Prohibition of Collection of E-mail Addresses

Collection of e-mail information posted on this website is forbidden.

Unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses posted on our website using an e-mail address collection program or other devices is prohibited.
And violation of this may lead to criminal punishment according to the Information and Communication Network Act.

Privacy Protection Policy

Yeungnam University will do its best to protect the privacy of members.

All personal information handled by Yeungnam University are collected, maintained and handled based on relevant laws or upon approval by the respective person. The [The Act on the Protection of Personal Information maintained by Public Institutions] presents a general standard for handling such personal information. In accordance with the regulations of this law, Yeungnam University will appropriately handle personal information, and to protect the rights of the people.
In addition, Yeungnam University respects your rights such as right of inspection or right of correction of personal information maintained by the university in accordance with relevant laws. As prescribed by the Administrative Appeals Act, you may make claims for administrative appeals for violations of your legal rights.

Next is the privacy protection policy of Yeungnam University. Yeungnam University's privacy protection policy is made up [privacy protection of homepage users] to protect the personal information of users of the various homepages operated by Yeungnam University and the [privacy protection processed by computers] for the handling of personal information needed to perform its duties.

[Privacy Protection of homepage users]

Privacy Protection on the Yeungnam University Homepage

  • This is the Yeungnam University website. Thank you for visiting our homepage. Please read on about our privacy protection policy of our homepage. This is based on the [The Act on the Protection of Personal Information maintained by Public Institutions] and [Basic Guideline for Privacy Protection by Public Institutions].
    The websites operated by Yeungnam University are as follows. Unless otherwise specified, this shall be applied to all websites operated by Yeungnam University.
    1. 1.

Automatically Collected and Saved Information

  • When you use our homepage, the following information is automatically gathered and saved.
    1. 1. User's internet server domain and website address used to visit our homepage.
    2. 2. User's browser type and OS.
    3. 3. Time and date of visit.
  • The automatically gathered and saved information is used for statistical analysis to improve the homepage and for effective communication between the user and the website in order to provide better services to users.
    Please be aware that when required by law, such information may be submitted.

Information Collected via E-mail and Web Formats

  • Users may express intents by mail, phone or electronic methods such as online e-formats. Please take note of a few things to keep in mind when selecting your methods.
    1. 1. Posts on the homepage may be searched and viewed by others.
    2. 2. Information entered by users may be shared to other third party if necessary according to the law, and may also be as materials for enforcing laws and developing policies.
    3. 3. In addition, such information may be shared with other institutes or provided when needed.
  • We are taking every administrative and technical effort for the security of the homepage, but please avoid entering sensitive information that may be a problem in the event of information leaks.

Security Measures Operated by the Website

  • For the security and continuous services of our homepage, Yeungnam University uses various programs for monitoring network traffic and detecting attempts at modifying information, etc.

Linked Sites and Webpages

  • In the event that you are forwarded to a different site or webpage by clicking on a link or a banner from the various pages operated by Yeungnam University, the privacy protection policy applied will be that of the operator of the respective site.
    Please check the policies of the new site that you are visiting.

Acquisition of Personally Identifiable Information of Others while using Website

  • Collecting Personal information of others that can identify an individual such as e-mail addresses in Yeungnam University's website is prohibited.
    Persons who view or receive personal information using unlawful methods may be subject to punishment according to Article 23 of [The Act on the Protection of Personal Information maintained by Public Institutions].

Reporting Violation of Personal Information

  • In the event that potential for leaking personal information or infringing upon the rights of the person entitled to the information during the use of Yeungnam University's website,
    please contact us at the information below.
    1. 1. Yeungnam University, Privacy Management Supervisor