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Polymer Gel Research Cluster Center


The Polymer Gel Research Cluster Center (PGRC) at Yeungnam University is a project to be executed for nine years for establishing a new material R&D cluster for fusion-type high-tech organic polymer gel in Gyeongsangbuk-do as one of "local R&D cluster projects" with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. This project aims to explore new paradigms of polymer gel materials through the accumulation and industrialization of advanced technologies by applying organic polymer to NT, BT, IT and ET and to specialize strategic local industries and activate local economy based on the results of research and the outcomes of industrialization.

Organic polymer gel, a polymer material used in people’s life since the beginning of human history, is closely related to the tissues and life activities of all living organisms and commonly found in our daily necessities such as food, clothes, cosmetics, contact lens, tire cords and rechargeable batteries.

Recently in response to the strong demand for high-tech new materials with diverse uses, NT, BT, IT and ET fusion-type organic gel was developed through our research project. With the new high-tech material, we expect the growth of local industries and the constitutional improvement of domestic industries to high value-added ones.


The objective of the project group is to stimulate the local economy and specialize the local strategic industries by achieving outstanding research results and industrialization performance, and to open up a new paradigm of polymer gel materials while accumulating and industrializing cutting-edge technologies by integrating the NT, BT, IT and ET areas of organic polymer gels.

Organic Gel

NT, BT, IT, ET: Developing new materials for fusion high-tech organic gels

  • NT : Gel forming polymers/nano-gels
  • BT : Medical gels
  • IT : Telecommunications gels
  • ET : Environment-friendly gels

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