Research Programs

Regional Research Institute for Fiber & Fashion Materials

1. Summary

This research institute promotes business of research and development, technical support, academic solidarity, and human training etc. for development of fiber fashion material field and inducts specialization of area textile industry and leads technology height and is established with construction of industry academic cooperation infra that supplying hightech/information/human power and purpose that supporting development of essential area textile industry and is consisted of the research department and the cooperation department.

2. Business

  • Research development, technical support and industry-academic cooperation industry of field of Fiber Fashion Materials
  • Support operation business of high price study analysis equipment that Research Institute defines
  • Technology educational work use of digital design(technical education use of DST)
  • Practical use of possession new technology(Konzession) and establishment support business
  • Continuance propulsion of digital technology(CCM, CCK) and Link business extension enforcement with KOTMI(Korea Textile Machinery Research Institute)
  • Link with area industry
  • Utility business of a development technology.

3. Role and expectation effect of research institute

  • Status security as fiber new technology supply of Daegu·Gyeongbuk area
  • Area fiber company through achievement of industry-academic cooperation research task and utility, commercialization technical development and industry-academic cooperation infra construction
  • Persistent solution and countermeasure support of Business' weakness technology
  • Stable high-quality skilled technical hands' positivity supply role to area and domestic fiber connection company
  • Participation activation induction and industry-academic network extension construction of autonomy and industry.