Research Programs

Convergence Research Institute of Future Automotive

Along with the development of new technologies in the fourth industrial revolution, the future automobile market is demanding eco-friendly cars, automatic driving, and superconnectivity, which is expected to change the paradigm across the automobile industry. In this trend, the Convergence Research Institute of Future Automotive was established to strengthen its research policy capabilities for future automobiles in collaboration with major departments and research institutes related to future automobiles. The research institute's role is as follows.

  1. Providing a platform for information on new technologies related to the automotive industry in the future
  2. Providing a platform for convergence and cooperative research among majors and professors
  3. Providing a platform for industry-academic collaboration research and education between industry and universities


  1. Survey and research on future automotive technology
  2. Training advanced technical personnel and short-term technical training for future automobiles
  3. Collecting and exchanging technical information at home and abroad of Mirae Motors
  4. Promotion and book publication related to future automobile technology
  5. Holding and supporting academic events for future automobiles
  6. Future Automobile Research Services and Foreign Cooperation Projects
  7. Future car test inspection work
  8. Support for joint utilization of research equipment and research space for future automobiles
  9. Other necessary projects for realizing the purpose of the Future Automotive Convergence Research Institute